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Jimmywongeats = food + people


cook • travel • eat • with me

I walked that journey with my sister, Theresa, so many fun times. In that experience I realised that I was capable of more than I had ever imagined and it gave me exposure to some of the best culinary experiences and people who contribute to our thriving culinary world. Incredible chefs, growers, producers and of course the food tourists, customers that enjoys its spoils. Post the show, I wanted to gather more cooking experience and completed stages at Koi, Bondi Icebergs, Marque, Flour and Stone, Quay and Salaryman.


I really enjoy the interaction between food and people, there is so many experiences to be had and stories to be told. A few of my past projects illustrates this beautifully, like my collaboration with Campus Living Villages, with a healthy living contest and team building  workshops I facilitated with EdTechTeam & Google for Education . I am extremely proud to be an ambassador for Be Centre and some of the charitable work i do with  Cure Brain Cancer Foundation . I am excited with the visual aspect of food, be it social media, photography or branding!


My past experience in retail design. social sustainability, photography, graphics and cooking well places to collaborate on future projects around food. With businesses, growers or brands that would like boost their exposure. My services include brand consultancy, social media content strategy, photography, personal development workshops or recipe development. Let's do this together, let the food adventures begin! 

I grew up in a food family, full of exotic and foreign food. Mum and Dad had partnered with friends to start an international food mart in Canada back in the late 70's, selling everything from plantains from Jamaica to the most exotic Asian ingredients. When we immigrated to Australia from Canada, our family owned a number of restaurants in Sydney's Northern beaches. For me, this was a blessing and an curse at the same time. The best of times were opportunities to taste and to be exposed to all kinds of different flavours. The drawback was not having quality time with my parents. All social occasions revolved around the restaurant. As much as I loved all the food I could possibly eat, I wanted to broaden my experiences to other restaurants.


I studied interior design and after many years in the retail industry, it took me to many places around the world.  Through many years in the workforce, post graduating from interior design, I've worked in the field of designing stores, retail property development, social sustainability and cooking. Every role has its challenges, its only when we give ourselves permission to fall do we truly know how to get up. Boy did I fall, but each time I fell I added another stone to my resilience well. I took away so much from each of these roles and now have a real passion in growing people, cooking, travelling and exploring with food. 


My passion in food is probably one of the most exciting chapters in my life and I threw all of my energy into it. Travelling the globe to discover its local markets, the food nooks in each place and going to the source & growers of food. I really enjoy cooking  for my family and friends, in some ways, it's my way of telling my food experience stories through my cooking.  Recently my experience in Masterchef Australia had become one of the best personal development experience of my life.

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