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Jimmywongeats = food + people


cook • travel • eat • with me

I grew up in a food-loving family with a diverse palate. My parents co-founded an international food mart in Canada, and we later owned restaurants in Sydney. This started my passion for food, being exposed to exotic ingredients and trying different foods from around the world.

I pursued a career in interior design, which led me worldwide. Over the years, I worked in store design, retail property development, and social sustainability. Each challenge strengthened my resilience. I developed a passion for food, traveling to discover local markets, hidden food gems, cooking adventures and meeting local growers.

Cooking became my way of sharing my food journey. Participating in Masterchef Australia Season 8 with my sister was a transformative experience. It exposed me to top culinary talents and producers, expanding my horizons. Post-show, I trained at various renowned restaurants to get the experience in all the different styles of restaurants, from hatted dining to open kitchens and bakeries.

I thrive on the connection between food and people through photography, content creations and cooking collaborations. I also enjoy the visual aspects of food, such as photography, exploring the culinary lifestyle and exploring the people behind the culinary world, like food producers, chefs ad restaurant owners.


Today I offer services for photography, content creations, cooking collaborations and recipe development and have been lucky enough to work with many wonderful regular clients. Let's embark on culinary adventures together!

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