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My love of food started when I was 8 years old, with my parents showing me the joys of international cuisine both at home and through the grocers they ran. 

Having worked in roles, such as Senior Interior designer, Development Manager and heading up Social Sustainability for a large Development company, I decided to pivot my career towards the light of  the exciting world of food. Not that this was a surprise to anyone, as every leisure activity always led to eating or cooking  food in some form.

I started my change in direction by firstly appearing on Masterchef Australia Season 8 as one of the top 24 contestants. What a fun and enriching experience, which I shared with my sister @theresavisintin as the first brother and sister contestants on any Masterchef in the global franchise. I then went on to explore the world of food by eating, photographing and cooking my way around the world, in various kitchens and restaurants. I explored this exciting world using my creativity both in front and behind the cameras. Spurned on by every discovery and exploration for the source of food. Meeting so many growers, providores, chefs and restaurant owners coloured this journey into the food world even brighter for me.

Today I collaborate with brands to create some unique

social media content, I am a food photographer, cook  and social media consultant. Other social involvements include sitting on the board of the Surry Hills Business Partnership, as part of the local business community and as an ambassador for Be Centre, helping children with trauma through play therapy. 

When cooking at home and in branded collaborations, my style leans towards Asian flavours and enjoy presenting a beautifully plated dish. When photographing, I like to capture the moments in-situ, as I loath having to style it beyond an authentic experience. I endeavour to capture human elements in my photography and always keeping it as real as possible. 

To my future, I look forward to collaborating with partners that look for unique social media content, food photography, cooking collaborations and recipe development.

I do hope you get a chance to explore this website more. Stay for awhile and check out my recipes, photography and my food adventure on my social media accounts @jimmywongeats


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