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Jaffa mousse with grand marnier cream

Hazelnut cocoa sable | burnt oranges | candied orange peel | chocolate twigs

For a little luxury and a brilliant way to finish a dinner party, try my Jaffa mousse with grand marnier cream. I've created this for a number of food demonstrations, popup restaurant, private catering and for my friends. Now it has become one of my favourite signature dishes 📷 @petrinatinslay

Serves 4



2 Eggs

16g Castor Sugar

1.5 leaf Gold Gelatin

130g 70% Dark chocolate

270ml Thicken cream

1 tbsp Orange Zest (1 orange)

10ml Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier cream

80ml Thicken cream

10ml Grand Marnier

Hazelnut Cocoa Sable

45g Almond meal

50g Unsalted butter

50g Castor sugar

20g Flour

1 tbsp Cocoa powder

Pinch Salt

1 tbsp Rough chopped hazelnuts

Burnt Oranges

2 Oranges

Candied orange peel

1 Orange

Chocolate twigs

60g 70% Dark chocolate


To make the mousse, Separate the egg yolk and whites in 2 large bowls. Add

sugar into yolks and whisk over a bain marie until double in volume. Soak

gelatin in cold water and whisk into yolk (sabayon) . Melt chocolate in

microwave 45 seconds, then 10 second bursts. Quickly fold warm chocolate into the sabayon. Whisk egg whites to a soft peak and fold into chocolate mixture a third at a time. Using a micro plane, add zest of 1 orange. Whip thicken cream to a soft peak, then add the Grand Marnier into whipped cream. Fold cream into the chocolate mix, leaving 2 Tbsp to smear in piping bag. Take a large piping bag, smear remaining cream and mousse mix ready to pipe into your serving bowl/cup.

To make the cream, whip cream to a soft peak, then add Grand Marnier into

cream, place in a small piping bag.

To make the sable, add all ingredients into a food processor and short pulses

until it becomes a dough. Do not over pulse this mix. Line a baking tray with

baking paper and roll out dough to 1-2mm thick. Bake in 160°c oven for 15-18

minutes, ensure that there is a golden color before taking out to cool. Once

cooled, break up and place in food processor and pulse to a rough sandy


To make the segmented oranges, segment 2 oranges and dehydrate (semi

dried) in a dehydrator or a low oven. Torch segment just prior to serving.

To make candied orange peel, finely julienne peel of 1 orange. Prepare a simple

syrup of 3/4 cup sugar and 3/4 cup water. On low heat, add orange peel and

cook until transparent, around 15 minutes. You can keep with the syrup or

serve after drying in a dehydrator.

To make the choc twigs, temper chocolate by melting halve of the chocolate

in the microwave and then add other half and stir into melted chocolate. Line

2 trays with baking paper. Put chocolate into a piping bag with a small nozzle.

Draw out branches to your own designs. Set in fridge for 2 hours, then dust

with cocoa powder prior to serving.

To serve, pipe mousse into cup/bowl and set in fridge for around 3 hours.

Prior to serving, add 1 tsp of sable, pipe Grand Marnier cream on. Add burnt

oranges, candied orange peel, then the chocolate twigs and decorate with edible flowers. I like using baby snapdragon flowers, if i can find them.


Happy cooking! Please post a photo of your dish on instagram. I would love to see your creations, do tag with #jimmywongeats

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